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Integrated Literary Assignment: Relationships between American Indians in Michigan and the Settlers.

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Integrated Literary Assignment:Relationships between American Indians in Michigan and the Settlers

By: Katie Bales

  • 3-H3.0.5 Use informational text and visual data to compare how American Indians and settlers in the early history of Michigan adapted to, used, and modified their environment.
  • 3-H3.0.6 Use a variety of sources to describe interactions that occurred between the American Indians and the first European explorers and settlers in Michigan.
Picture Books/Textbooks/Trade-books
  • The Wyandot, Huron, and Seneca Indians who once hunted and fished along the Huron River. The area started to grow and prosper when settlers discovered the fertile lands and waterpower of the Huron River. The power of the river attracted settlers to build and operate two sawmills, a flour mill, and a blacksmith shop.
Picture Books/Textbooks/Trade-books

Discover Michigan

Michigan History For Kids


American Indians Settlers

Primary Sources

Native American village scene. From the

St. Ignace, MI photograph collection. Portrait of Native American

family. From the Michigan

M.E. Indian Sunday School


By: Will E. Hampton

  • 1818-1861: Frontier Settlement
  • The Voyageurs- Men of the Fur Trade
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  • The Great Lakes: An Environmental Atlas and Resource Book
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