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By: Katie Cox. Mission Statement . “The Walt Disney Company's objective is to be one of the world's l

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PowerPoint PPTX Transcript

By: Katie CoxMission Statement
  • “The Walt Disney Company's objective is to be one of the world's leading producers and providers of entertainment and information, using its portfolio of brands to differentiate its content, services and consumer products. “
  • Walt Disney operates in the entertainment and media industry
    • This company diversified world wide entertainment.
    • Operates with 5 different business segments
      • Media Network
      • Parks and Reports
      • Studio Entertainment
      • Consumer Products
      • Interactive
Major Competitors History
  • On October 16, 1923 Walt signed a contract to produce a series of Alice Comedies.
    • This date is considered the start of the Disney company first known as The Disney Brothers Studio.
  • 1934 marked the production of Disney’s first full-length feature film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which released in 1937.
    • Became the highest grossing film of its time
  • The Mickey Mouse Club made its debut in 1955.
  • 1955 also provided another landmark moment: the opening of the first California Disney theme park, Disneyland.
History Continued..
  • In the past few decades, Disney has moved into a wider market
    • The Disney Channel on cable
    • Establishment of subdivisions such as Touchstone Pictures to produce films other than the usual family-oriented ones.
  • Walter Elias Disney and his brother Roy co-founded Walt Disney Productions.
    • Which became one of the best-known motion-picture production companies in the world
  • Walt was an innovative animator
    • Created the cartoon character Mickey Mouse.
  • He won 22 Academy Awards during his lifetime, and was the founder of theme parks Disney land and Walt Disney World
  • Walt Disney passed away at age 66 in 1966. His brother Roy took over supervision at that time, and then was succeeded by an executive team in 1971.
  • The current Chairman, Micheal D. Eisner and executive partner Frank Wells have been a successful team, leading Disney to continue its tradition of excellence into a new century.
Walter Elias Disney
  • “Walt's optimism came from his unique ability to see the entire picture. His views and visions, came from the fond memory of yesteryear, and persistence for the future.”

8 ways to success that Walt Followed:

  • Provide a promise, not a product
  • Always exceed customers’ expectations
  • Pursue your passion and the money will follow
  • Stay true to your company’s mission and values
  • Differentiate your offer
  • Lead by example and delegate
  • Defy convention
  • Leave behind something to grow
  • Media Networks: Made up of broadcast, cable, radio, publishing and digital businesses across two divisions- The Disney/ABC Television Group and ESPN Inc.
  • Parks & Resorts: Walt Disney Parks and Resorts is one of the world’s leading providers of family travel and leisure experiences.
  • Studio Entertainment: The Walt Disney Studios has been the foundation on which The Walt Disney Company was built. Today, the Studio brings quality movies, music and stage plays to consumers throughout the world.
  • Consumer Products:merchandise ranging from apparel, toys and home décor to books and magazines, foods and beverages, stationery, electronics and animation art.
  • Interactive Media: Disney Interactive creates high-quality interactive entertainment across digital media platforms, including blockbuster mobile, social and console games, online virtual worlds, and #1-ranked web destinations
SubsidiariesDisneyland & Disney World
  • “Walt envisioned an amusement park in which his cartoon characters could come to life and interact with the visitors.”
  • It’s a new prototype of an amusement park.
      • No alcohol on any of the premises
      • Wanted his parks to be different then all the other ones
      • These differences brought in people that traveled from all over to visit, and experience the family friendly amusement park.
Global Presence
  • April 15, 1983: Tokyo Disneyland, the first international Disney theme park, opens in Japan.
  • Today, Disney can be found in more than 40 countries.
  • According to Walt Disney International the Company’s focus has been on establishing the foundations for long-term growth in the emerging markets of Latin America, Russia, India and China.
  • More recently, a renewed focus has been brought first to Japan and to Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), where their businesses are more developed, and where they believe they can grow substantially and better serve their consumers
Goals & Performance Strategies
  • “We believe being a good corporate citizen is the right thing to do: for our consumers and guests, our employees, and our business. Our goal is to achieve exceptional performance by embedding citizenship into all of our daily decisions and actions, guided by three core principles:
    • Act and create in an ethical manner and consider the consequences of our decisions on people and the planet
    • Champion the happiness and well-being of kids and families in our endeavors.
    • Inspire kids and families to make a lasting, positive change in the world”
Disney Contributions
  • Many employees contribute their time through the Disney VoluntEARS program or our network of Green Teams
  • Disney annually contributes cash, and media support to non-profit organizations around the world.
Careers in the Company
  • Broadcast/technical operations:
      • Cameras, editing rooms, graphic devices, network control rooms, satellite uplinks, and etc.
  • Banking/Credit Union
      • Sales and services, member service marketing, branches, risk management, accounting and finance, collections, and etc.
  • Creative:
      • Animation, creative(artists/designers), structural architecture/ Design
  • Entertainment
      • Singers, actors, dancers, musicians, characters, stunt performers, bands, show development and Production.
  • Operation/Travel:
      • Facilities/security, Food and Beverage/ culinary, Hotel Lodging, Medical/Nursing, Park Operation, Retail/Store Operations, Studio Operations, Traveling.
  • Sales/ Marketing:
      • Marketing/ promotions, Sales, Advertising, Packaging, Consumer Insights
  • Students:
      • Internships, co-op for recent grades
  • Technology/ Digital
      • Digital Media, Gaming, Quality Assurance, Research and Development/ Emerging tech, Technology/ Information Technology.
Financial InformationStock Price

Ticker symbol: DIS (NYSE)

  • Disney’s appears to be a financially solid company with a positive future
  • Company seems extremely attractive, and is a great long-term investment

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