Tom Tomasi Associate Dean of the Graduate College September 12, 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

State of the Graduate College 2012. Tom Tomasi Associate Dean of the Graduate College September

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PowerPoint PPTX Transcript

State of the

Graduate College


Tom Tomasi

Associate Dean of the Graduate College

September 12, 2012

“Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated” [Mark Twain]

  • Pawan (Pittsburg State University, KS)
  • Frank
    • last year
    • this year
Keeping the Ship Moving Forward

Full Staff in the Graduate College Office

Extra Help

  • AIC - Becky Swearingen
  • Theses Review - Michelle Bowe
  • Graduate College Fellow – Deanne Camp
Graduate Enrollment and Credit Hour Production Trend

As of 08/20/12

Graduate Student Profile

Fall 2010Fall 2012 74.5% Missouri Residents 68.9% 10% Out-of-State (43 states) 13%

14.5% International 18.1%

59% Female 61.1%

6.8% Minority 7.5%

31 Average Student Age 31

51% Full-time (9 or more hours) 53.5%

29% “First-time" degree-seeking students 23.3%

As of 8/20/12

International Graduate Student Headcount – Fall 2012

Total Students = 581

  • Leading Countries:
    • China (69.2%)
    • Saudi Arabia (6.9%)
    • India (4.6%)
    • South Korea (1.9%)
    • Kenya (1.7%)

As of 8/20/12

Out-of-State Graduate Student Origin

Fall 2010 Total = 429

  • Leading States (of 44)
    • Arkansas (12.4%)
    • Kansas (10%)
    • Illinois (8.2%)
    • Texas (5.4%)
    • Virginia (4%)
    • Oklahoma (3.7%)

Fall 2012 Total = 417

  • Leading States (of 47)
    • Arkansas (10.1%)
    • Illinois (8.9%)
    • Kansas (7.9%)
    • Virginia (6.7%)
    • Texas (6%)
    • Oklahoma (6%)

As of 8/20/12

Fall 2012 Graduate Headcount and

Credit Hour Production by College

Total Enrollment = 3,205

Total Credit Hours = 26,189

As of 8/20/12

Largest Graduate Programs by Headcount

As of 8/20/12

Program Growth HighlightsGraduate Degrees Conferred

Fiscal Year (SU, FA, SP)

20-year Comparison of Student Population

State of the University Address

It’s Not Just About Numbers!

High-impact Educational Experiences

  • Research
  • Internships
  • Study away
  • Field trips
  • Laboratories

Quality Indicators

  • Awards
  • Presentations
  • Publications
  • Exhibits & Performances
Faculty scholarship

State of the University Address

Faculty scholarship highlightsJournal articles by area, 2011

State of the University Address

Faculty scholarship highlightsExhibits and performances, COAL

State of the University Address

Thesis Productivity

FY 2010 Distribution







FY 2012 Distribution







Faculty-mentored student research

* Work is in progress to obtain information on additional student research

State of the University Address

Student access highlightsNew degree implementation


  • Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP)
  • EdS, Counseling and Assessment
  • MS, Athletic Training


  • BS, Health Services (January 2013)

State of the University Address

Internet accessible programs for 2012-13

State of the University Address

Provost Priorities(Administrative Council Retreat)

1. Graduate Education

  • Work with the deans to focus on taking incremental steps that will result in expanding graduate education and increasing the impact it makes for MSU as the university continues its growth as Missouri State University. The goal is to turn around the decline in graduate student number and increase numbers graduating.
  • Successfully implement the three new programs starting fall 2012.
  • Initiate steps to add a program in occupational therapy and at least one other program that emerges from the ALC discussion.
  • Expand and better utilize pathways from UG programs into MSU graduate work.
  • Continue work to increase university connections that bring international students to MSU, including dual-degree programs.
Provost Priorities(10 Action Items for 2012-13)

6. Graduate Programs

  • Continue to expand existing graduate programs, add new programs (including, but not limited to, occupational therapy and art) in the next two years, and determine funding mechanisms for such programs.
  • Also need to evaluate and enhance the marketing and recruitment efforts for graduate students.
Graduate Recruitment
  • Expanded college fair schedule
    • see next slide & handout
    • Provide funds to programs for recruiting trips
  • Standard
  • External publications
    • Newsweek
    • KC business journal (Ingrams)
  • Facebook & Fire-engine Red

On the Road: Graduate/Career Fairs

Planned New Programs
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Merger with Forrest Institute
  • Expanding MSEd in Literacy to West Plains
  • New grad certificates using current classes
  • Options in MSAS (ex. screenwriting)
  • Individualized graduate certificate
  • Individualized & interdisciplinary Masters
      • Similar to individualized major as BS/BA level
      • No “home” department – admin in Grad College
      • Initiated by GC to show faculty support
Reminders - Grad assistantships
  • 4 semesters (Fall/Spring)
  • 3.00 GPA
  • 6 graduate credits hours
  • Summer fee waivers
  • ¼-time GA
  • Dismissals (firing)
  • Late starts
  • Rec center
Reminders - Admissions
  • “Start-semester” is critical in Banner
  • Don’t admit anyone for a current semester after the first week (contract Diana for exceptions).
  • Don’t admit someone for a semester in which they are already registered as a post-bacc student.
  • Adding /changing a program requires a new application.
  • Accelerated Masters candidates must apply for the semester they will truly be a grad student, not when they want to take “mixed credit” classes as a senior.
  • Tell future students about “Senior Permission”
Reminders – International Students
  • Need to take at least 6 credits face-to-face
  • Summer classes
  • “conditional admissions” for ELI students
  • Visa issues are complex
    • contact International Services with questions
Reminders – Forms & Paperwork
  • 9 credits of C+ or lower
    • Letters from the Graduate College
    • Removal from program when exceeded
  • Post-baccalaureate students (non-degree seeking)
    • Registration holds after 9 credits
  • AAPS
    • Registration holds if exceeding 14 credits
  • 8 year limits
Graduate College Showcase

Third Annual Graduate College Showcase

Wednesday, Nov. 14

3 p.m. – 7 p.m.

PSU Ballroom

  • All programs should be represented to show full scope of Graduate College offerings
  • There will be guest speakers on 15 minute rotations (Topics: GA’s, GRE prep, research)
  • Sign up by contacting Misty Stewart or Tom Tomasi


April 27, 2013

New category for performance disciplines

Graduate Interdisciplinary Forum

Graduate College Workshop series

(see website and handouts)

Graduate Student Senate
  • 2 senators per graduate program
  • Get names to me or the co-Presidents
    • Promote the interests of grad students in general
    • Co-sponsor events with the Graduate College
    • More TBD
“Graduate Schools Embrace a Changing Marketplace”

Ingram’s Magazine (Oct 2012)

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